just shipped: Chiaro and the Elixir of Life

Forged is a dark fantasy VR sword fighting prototype awarded a Canadian Media Fund Innovation Program grant.

Pazu is the name of the main character from Studio Ghibli’s animated masterpiece, Castle in the Sky. Pazu is an engineer’s apprentice, which is what I became while developing 360 video short films and interactive Unity prototypes under the banner of Pazu VR in Austin, TX.


As co-founder, President, and Creative Director at Deucescracked, I designed, innovated and improved on our core product (poker education screencasts) while working with our dev team on website implementation through multiple product releases. We were acquired by an industry leading iGaming network in 2015.

The Micros – animated YouTube comedy series

As co-creator, writer, and producer, I led our writing and production team on the most popular YouTube web series developed using Xtranormal animation software, meeting monthly deadlines with results of over 1.5mm views in more than 20 countries and a passionately engaged fanbase (7k subscribers).


Movies are a passion of mine, and I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to produce a few gems after graduating Boston University’s film and television program in 2006.

Givertaker  – An angry teen conducts an ancient ritual to seek revenge on the classmates she believes have wronged her. World premiere, Fantastic Fest, 2016.

Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker – the first ever documentary feature about the multibillion dollar online poker boom of the 2000s. (viewed in over 20 countries, rated 7.6/10 on IMDb)